Who is Max+Tom?

The short answer is that they are a couple of young and aspiring lads based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia. Their aim is to reintroduce artisan produce into the everyday lives of Australians, using only the finest, freshest ingredients sourced from small batch farmers. Their passion for creating unique, high-quality food items has quickly gained a reputation for excellence and inspired many people to join their journey.

Max and Tom started their journey as a small operation in their home kitchens, creating delicious, fresh and healthy food items using only the best ingredients from local farmers. They had a strong desire to bring back the traditional ways of producing food that had been lost in the age of mass production and industrialisation. They wanted to show Australians that there was an alternative to the processed, mass-produced food that has become all too common in the modern world.

Their approach to artisanal food production is based on a few key principles. Firstly, they believe in using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients, sourced from small batch farmers who share their commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure that they have a deep understanding of the origins of their produce and the people who grow it.

Secondly, they believe in traditional methods of food preparation, such as fermentation and slow cooking, which allow the natural flavours and nutrients of the ingredients to shine through. They take pride in the fact that their products are handmade in small batches, with each item receiving the individual attention and care it deserves.

Max and Tom's commitment to excellence in artisanal food production has quickly gained them a loyal following on the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Their products are highly sought after by discerning food lovers who appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every item. They are inspired by the many small batch farmers and food artisans who are dedicated to producing high-quality, sustainable food in Australia and are committed to supporting their efforts.

Their vision for the future is to continue to grow their business while staying true to their core values of quality, sustainability, and community. They hope to inspire other young people to follow in their footsteps and become artisan producers themselves, contributing to the renaissance of traditional food production in Australia.