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Max + Tom

Coastal Cultured Butter 200g

Coastal Cultured Butter 200g

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Introducing Coastal Cultured Butter - the butter of your wildest dreams! This ain't your mama's average butter. No, siree! We're talking about butter that's so rich and creamy, it's like a luscious hug for your taste buds. Made from milk sourced from local dairy farmers, our butter is a product of love, hard work, and the freshest ingredients you'll ever find.

What sets our butter apart from the rest, you may ask? Well, it's all about the culture, baby. Our butter is made using the traditional method of culturing the cream before churning it into butter. This means that the cream is allowed to ferment, creating a rich, tangy flavor that will have you saying "holy cow!" with every bite.

But wait, there's more! We've added just the right amount of salt to bring out the butter's natural flavors, resulting in a salty-sweet symphony that will make your taste buds sing. You'll be spreading it on everything from toast to veggies to your fingers (we won't judge!).

So, if you're tired of boring old butter that just sits there like a lump on your bread, try Coastal Cultured Butter. It's the butter that will make you want to break out into a happy dance!

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Customer Reviews

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Nan Cameron
Divine Butter

I love Max + Tom Butter. When I couldn't get it for a short while I was really worried. So I was thrilled when a new batch was made and raced to order it.
If you want to taste real, delicious butter then buy Max + Tom butter.


The coastal cultured butter is very good. I love it. Will by again

Leith Belbin
Buttter Me Up 💕

My special butter. This butter reminds me of what I used to churn with my Great Uncle on his farm. Absolutely heaven. Delivered fresh right to my door


Way too expensive for such a run of the mill product.
Won't buy again

Stefanie Story
Butter at its best!

This is so good! amazing white sauce, mayonnaise & delish on toast!Almost as good as Kerrygold!

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